sabato 9 novembre 2019

Mont Blanc Group release November 22 friday

November 22 Friday ...the Mont Blanc Group scenery will be available!

Features: The Mont Blanc Group is the most complex of all our scenery:
1) Area of over 900 sq. Km. Italian side with: Courmayeur, Entrèves, Pre Saint Didier and La Thuile
French side with Chamonix, Les Houches, Argentière
2) Over 10,000 houses located, of which many are personalized (many buildings reproduced) about 100 types of typical houses in the areas
3) 9 groups of mountains (3D models) reconstructed and placed on meshes (modified)
4) All the vegetation mapped and reproduced
5) Reconstructed the "eighth wonder" ... the SKYWAY of Mont Blanc with the three detailed stations
6) All the Italian and French shelters reconstructed and positioned on the models /mesh including: Italian side Bonatti, Boccalatte, Bertone, Elena, Elisabetta, Miage, Gervasutti, Monzino...
French side Nid d'Aigle, Tète Rousses, Gouter (normal route to the summit) ...Montenvers, Requin,Envers, Lognan...
7) Two (virtual) airports with grassy runways in Courmayeur (Dolonne area) and Chamonix (golf course area) to increase and make easy exploratory flight.
8) 3 official heliports, 1 in Courmayeur LICYH (near the Skyway base station) 1 in Chamonix (LFDZ) and Argentière (LFCMBH)
Another 9 heliports located in areas of interest (shelters..)
9) and much more ....



sabato 2 novembre 2019

venerdì 11 ottobre 2019

Beta-test started ...

Flight example: SKyway (Courmayeur) - Aiguille du Midi (Chamonix)
helicopter: AS350 B3 GMH (Courmayeur)
8000 ft height difference - time taken 25 minutes

Start Courmayeur - Helipad GMH

Pavillon - station

near Helbronner station

Helbronner station

towards intermediate pylon

Glacier du Géant

Aiguille du Midi

Station Aiguille

arrival station Aiguille du midi

Plan de l'Aiguille

Chamonix departure station

sabato 28 settembre 2019

First flight test report Italian side.

Completed the construction phase.
First flight (P92) in the summer morning hours, towards the Mont Blanc group and the Skyway (Italian side) of Courmayeur.
View the whole group from an altitude of 11,600 feet.

Close to Skyway intermediate station: Pavillon and the botanical garden.
various views:

At 3460 mt. the Skyway arrival station. Note also the old station and the Torino refuge.

same place but in the afternoon hours:

Approach to the terminal station:

The panoramic area dedicated to visitors ... has become a helipad:

mercoledì 25 settembre 2019

Mont Blanc Group ...advanced stage

Building phase almost completed. Fabio has completed the inclusion of 3D models, very complicated and in any case he did a great job.
The meshes of some areas were also corrected.
The Argentière area has been completed where the CMBH heliport is located, specialized in tourist, support and helicopter rescue.
In the coming weeks the tests will start ...

Fase di costruzione quasi completata. Fabio ha completato l'inclusione di modelli 3D, molto complicati e comunque ha fatto un ottimo lavoro.
Anche le mesh di alcune aree sono state corrette.
L'area dell'Argentière (Chamonix Nord) è stata completata dove si trova l'eliporto CMBH, specializzato in voli turistici, di supporto e salvataggio.
Nelle prossime settimane inizieranno i test ...

A few screenshots:

Chamonix, new images: